Memorial Verses

Memory is a golden chain
That binds us
Till we meet again

Too dearly loved
To be forgotten

On earth one
Gentle soul the less
In heaven one angel more

Loved and missed so much every day
Good night sweet heart

One in a million

St Anthony pray for them

Sweet is the sleep
that ends all pain

Just good night
Not farewell

The golden chain of memory
Binds us till we meet again

Gone from us but not forgotten
Remembered with a smile

Do not be afraid
For I have redeemed you
Have called you by your name
You are mine

Father in thy gracious keeping
Leave we now our loved one sleeping

You’ll never walk alone

Padre pio pray for him

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you did not go alone
Part of us went with you
The day god took you home

Peace perfect peace

You is easy
We do it
Every day
Missing you is
The heartache
That never
Goes away

Beautiful memories
treasured forever
of the happy years
we spent together

forever in our thoughts

we started as two
then added a few
but in the end
we’ll be two again

Verses 2

May the winds of heaven
Blow gently on a quiet and peaceful spot
Where the husband and dad we love
Hes sleeping never to be forgot

Your life was one
Of kindly deeds
A helping hand
For others needs
Sincere and true
In heart and mind
Beautiful memories
Left behind

In life we loved you dearly
In death we love you still
You haven’t been forgotten
Whats more you never will

His life a beautiful memory
His absence a silent grief

To have known you
Was a precious gift

Those who one in Christ
Go no further from us
Than god – and god is very near

There must be a place
Under the sun
Where hearts of old and glory
Grow young

A tiny flower
Lent not given
To bud on earth
And bloom in heaven

It broke my heart to lose you
But you did not go alone
Part of me went with you
The day god took you home

We treasure every memory
With tears we speak your name
We will always love and miss you
In a world that’s not the same

Gone are the days
We used to share
But in our hearts
You’re always there

When you are walking down the street
And you’ve got me on your mind
Im walking in your footsteps
Only half a step behind

Please do not be unhappy
Just because im out of sight
Remember I am with you
Every morning noon and night

Grant them thy eternal rest
Resting in the lord

Our happiness together
Are memories forever

Gone is the face we loved so dear
Silent the voice we loved to hear

Our family chain is broken
Nothing seems the same
But as god calls us one by one
The links shall join again

In our hearts you will always stay
loved and remembered every day

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you did not go alone
Part of us went with you
The day god took you home